Photography Show 17

I headed off to the UK Photography Show today with my brother Matthew and our mate Damo. The three amigos!

The Photography Show is held at Birmingham National Exhibition Centre every March. This is the third year in the row that I have attended.

If you’re in to photography, video and gadgets this is the place to be.

All the major brands are present Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Sony, Epson, Sigma and Fuji to name a few.

There are also lots of traders, catering for everything from cameras and equipment to photography holidays, studio props and photography courses.

There are a host of photographers on hand throughout the 4 days giving loads of hints, tips and advice on how to improve your images and techniques. There are various stands throughout the hall where you can catch insightful talks by well known photographers such as Lara Jade and Andy Rouse.

Some of the technology on display is breathtaking. Drones are developing rapidly each year, some of the demonstrations of the latest models were brilliant. Random point but I never realised how much down draft the rotors on a drone made! The gimbals that keep the drone cameras upright despite the movement of the drone up and down and side to side are superb.

Video equipment is also developing rapidly with 4k and 4k+ cameras available throughout the show to try out. The clarity from these cameras is outstanding. Zooming into a sign which was situated a long way away and being able to pick out minute details was easy.

As the 3 of us are Canon users, we spent a lot of time discussing options with the experts on the Canon stand. These guys are great, friendly, happy to help and provide loads of advice. They have virtually every Canon body and lens so you can try out potential combinations before you make a purchase.

Canon also let you print one of your photos off on their immense printers, Damo had his memory card with him, so printed one of his images. Note for next year remember to bring some images with me!

We also had a good chat with the guys at Lee Filters who are always happy to help and discuss their latest products.

For me the best part about the show is the inspiration. Seeing other photographers work, listening to them talk is fascinating. I could listen to these guys talk about their experiences all day. The way they talk about their work inspires me and makes me want to do better. I come away from the show every year buzzing with all sorts of ideas, things I want to try and do next.

It’s apparent from the numbers queuing to get in to the show this morning that photography is as popular as ever. All age groups were represented. All types of photographer from pro to amateur, portrait to landscape.

Let the countdown begin to the Photography Show 2018!!


More of my images from around Britain can be viewed here: